present: shayla, lili, kaelie, cleve, maria, dave, nadia, andrea

Agenda: 1) QPIRG-McGill working group meeting reportback, 2) Readings

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October 14, 2009

Indy class

Present:  Cleve, Andrea, Dave, Nadia, Joel, Lili

Facilitator: Dave

Minute taker: Lili


Today’s topic:  Elizabeth Penashue/damming of the Churchill River

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Minutes for October 7th

Indyclass Meeting

Facilitated by Cleve

Shayla, Cleve, Kayle, Tessa, Dan, Dave, Nadia, Maria

  1. Check Ins/ Status of readings
    1. 6 people had done some of the readings, 2 had done none, no one did all
  2. Clarification of Definitions
    1. Decolonization and Indigenous solidarity
      1. Fight for decolonization is part of indigenous solidarity but indigenous solidarity not necessarily decolonization
      2. Indigenous solidarity movements often align with decolonization, sovereignty over land use, fights against industrial development and incorporation ect.
      3. Gord Hill (Zig Zag) article: Colonization and Decolonization Zine

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Indyclass organizers gathered at the QPIRG McGill library on May 19 to film this video workshop.

The topics discussed include the importance of autonomous education, indyclass logistics, and decision-making by consensus.

This is a great place to start for students interested in starting up their own indyclass.

Video by David Koch

Contact davidgkoch (at) gmail.com

For a written outline of how to start an IndyClass, check out this Course Evaluation and Retrospective, which is mentioned in the video.

For ideas of research topics you can undertake in partnership with community organizations in Montreal, check out the Community-University Research Exchange at www.qpirgconcordia.org/cure.


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Itching to study a topic that McGill just doesn’t offer?

Interested in autonomous, student-led education?


You’re invited to attend a workshop on Sunday, April 19, 2009 to learn how a group of students can create and teach their own course at McGill – and get credit for it.

These independent,t student-run classes, or “IndyClasses,” were first started up in Fall 2008 and have proven to be an exciting way for students to gather and share knowledge. We want to pass this opportunity on to you in time for you to start organizing for the Fall semester.


What: Creating an IndyClass – A Workshop

Where: Room 433A, 4th Floor Shatner (3480 McTavish)

When: Sunday, April 19, 2009,  12 pm – 2 pm

This space is wheelchair accessible, and we’ll feed you snacks.


What we’ll be covering:

What is an IndyClass?

Logistics:  How do you start an IndyClass?  How does it run?

Tips and tricks: Discussion facilitation; Choosing a curriculum.

Topics brainstorm.

This will also be an excellent opportunity to meet other folks who might be interested in creating an IndyClass with you!

For more information, and if you have questions, email indyclass[at]gmail[dot]com or check out indyclass.wordpress.com.

Some ideas for the future direction of Indyclasses… think about if there’s anything you’re interested in taking on!

Indyclass Tasks



Write a callout for classes in the winter semester (for students, associations, groups on and off campus)

Set up a bulletin board in the arts lounge

Get articles in the Daily and the Tribune early enough for people to form classes

Compile a list of potential topics for future classes

Compile a list of groups that may be interested in starting classes

Compile a list of independent study classes in each program (or other ways!)


Help people find empty classrooms

Get associations to organize collective class evaluations including indyclass promo

Create a step-by-step guide and templates based on the prison class Continue Reading »