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We are a small group of undergraduate students at McGill University in Montreal organizing McGill's "first-ever" student-run course. The topic we have decided to focus on for this class is prisons. We are interested in a diverse range of issues, but we share a perspective that values prisoner support work, prison abolition struggles, and analyses that link prison injustice and the prison-industrial complex to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism and the criminalization of poverty. We are also critical of the fact that academic institutions tend to be insulated from the realities and struggles of less privileged communities. We are therefore hoping that we can structure this class through dialogue with organizations which do active political and support work around prison justice. Through it all, we are putting into practice a vision of alternative educational forms that are autonomous, accessible, and relevant to real communities -- not to mention exciting, challenging, and loads of fun.

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